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Lavu Restaurant iPad POS:

An intelligent combination of cloud computing,wireless technologies, and a sleek touchscreen interface for restaurant. Lavu iPad POS is the only modern point of sale on par with legacy POS, offering comprehensive solutions and reporting tools designed specifically for the restaurant and hospitality industries.


Features Include:

  • Specific Multi-Room Table Layout
  • Integrated PCI Compliant Gateways and Devices
  • Easy-Split Checks Access
  • Dedicated Lavu Support
  • Employee Timecards
  • Seat and Course Numbering
  • Multi-Printer Order Routing
  • Customer Email Tracking
  • Remote Backend Office (Windows or Mac)
  • Standardized, Exportable Reports
  • Inventory Management

With comprehensive reports, mobile ordering, credit card swipe and multiple terminals all working in sync, Lavu iPad POS is much more than an App; it is a smart, complete solution to fulfill point of sale needs of small restaurants and national chains alike.

  • mobile ordering
  • credit card swipe
  • multiple terminals
  • comprehensive reports
  • impact and thermal printing

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Food Truck + Lavu = Success!
"We chose a mobile food business so that we could attend fun events and provide healthy food alternatives to what is typically associated with weekend events. We selected an Italian wood brick oven because people are drawn to the aromas, the fire, and quick cook times -- 90 seconds cook time at 800+ degrees!" reports Mark who handles the business aspects of Ahhromas. They chose Lavu iPad point of sale (after extensive research) because it best fit their business model and exceeded their expectations as far as modern technologies were concerned. After narrowing their options to Lavu, they were pleasantly surprised by the coincidence that Lavu is also based in Albuquerque. The business partners aim to unite the community, and do what they can to support local businesses and causes when possible. -Ahhromas Pizza