Vend POS Review

Vend is retail POS software, inventory management, ecommerce & customer loyalty for iPad, Mac and PC. Easily manage and grow your business in the cloud.  Vend was started in early 2010 by its CEO and founder Vaughan Rowsell.  Since their launch, they have secured over $35 Million in funding and currently are used by over 15,000 businesses worldwide.

Vend is designed for the retail environment first and foremost, but has added functionality that allows it to work across an array of industries including Quick Service and Café.  With its recent update, you can now directly sell your retail products online using Vend Ecommerce.  A simple yet effective solution to manage stock, inventory, sales and customers for both online and in person sales. 

Customer loyalty is an extremely important factor in driving repeat sales.  Vend has a built in (and FREE) loyalty program that is simple yet effective in driving repeat sales.  The loyalty program automatically tracks purchases and assigns rewards based on the criteria that you specify.  This program puts you in complete control on when and how the rewards points are earned and redeemed.   By running simple reports you are able to see who your top customers are.

Personality is something that Vend prides itself in.  They want you to know that there are real people behind the company, just in case you thought this was created by a teenager in his basement.  With offices all over the world, you will be quick to realize that this is a group of international superstars driving team Vend to bold new heights.

Having firmly established itself in the retail market, Vend is a great choice for small and growing businesses that are looking for a reliable web based Point of Sale solution without breaking the bank.  You can try Vend for free (up to 10 products) and see if you like it.  If you do the monthly cost starts at $59/month.  Since it is a web based solution, there are no upfront licensing fees or one time setup fees.  Additional registers are $35/month.  They do offer considerable price breaks if you are multi-location retailer.

Support for all paid plans is provided 24/7 via email.  It’s been our experience that someone generally picks up a support ticket within 20 minutes and within 30 you have a support person assigned to the issue.  No hold times, no unavailable hours, the Vend Support team is sprinkled throughout the world, meaning regardless of what crazy hours or where in the world you are working, a friendly Vend employee is always standing by to help you out of a jam.

All in all, Vend is one of the most stable and successful Cloud Based Point of Sale Solutions on the market.  They are also one of the more time tested solutions, meaning that the software itself has been hardened and battle tested.  Vend really shines as an all-around solid Point of Sale Solution and is the Right POS for over 10,000 businesses worldwide. 

POS SuperStore understands that not every business is the same and as a result not every Point of Sale Solution is Right for your Business.   We are not your typical site that is recommending whatever solution pays us the most money.  With the ever growing list of Point of Sale solutions available, finding the perfect fit for your business can be a time consuming process.  Countless hours of research, reading, learning and ultimately making a guess at which one you like the most. 

At POS SuperStore, we take all of that research and all of that time and bundle it into a 30 minute process.  Spend 30 minutes with us and we will find the Right POS for your Business.  No guessing, no feelings, just plain hard facts about your business needs and goals and choosing the right technology that can take you there.  If you are ready to stop surfing the web looking for the best solution and ready to take a true analytical approach give us a call today @ 844-POS-STORE.