Quetzal POSNow that the Mobile and Tablet POS Industries are maturing, we are starting to see some provider's transition from a one size fits all approach to being hyper focused on one specific industry on market niche.  The most recent addition to the POS Super Store offerings is Quetzal POS, and they have taken the hyper focused approach with their point of sale solution, focusing on the clothing, apparel, and shoe retail market.

Quetzal POS was developed from the ground up specifically for clothing and shoe retailers, so the core product includes the special features and functionality required by their target market.  Some of the larger one size fits all point of sale systems claim they can be used for clothing and shoe retailers, but in reality, you have to "make them work" as they are not specifically made to work for clothing and shoe retailers.

Quetzal POS is an Ipad-centric cloud point of sale system, which enables it to build upon the current strengths of the iPad.  Since it operates via Wifi on the iPad, it provides sales people with the ability to move around the store with all of the pertinent information right in their hands to provide the best service possible to their customers.  The iPad POS and its mobility also provides for the ability to perform checkout anywhere within the store, giving the ability to keep lines at the register short and also up-sell additional items to customers while on the sales floor.

Quetzal POS provides reporting and customer tracking which is also specifically designed for the clothing, apparel, and shoe retailers.  The innovative tag clouds for each customer record give the salesperson the ability to get a quick overall shopping profile of the customer in a visual format, allowing them to tailor their sales pitch and presentation to maximize the customer's experience(and spending)!  This is a very valuable sales tool of the iPad POS which will be well received by and stores sales people.

The size and color matrix feature is a requirement for any point of sale system that will be used in the clothing and apparel space.  Quetzal POS obviously knows this, so they took this specific feature to the next level.  Their matrix provides a comprehensive and intelligent size and color matrix, supporting up to 20 different sizes and up to 10 different sizes.  The ability to extensively track the matrix items is key to efficient inventory management.

Quetzal also simplifies the buying process using your actual sales information.  When it comes time to re-order your fast moving items, you provide some information and the system will run calculations based on your sales history and trends, and generate a report that is much more advanced than outdated minimum / maximum formulas.  The system also takes this process another step further by providing graphical reporting on your buying requirements.  This provides a business owner with projections of how certain items with sell for certain seasons or holidays so they can develop their marketing and advertising campaigns to maximize sales.  The ability to forecast sales projections in addition to efficient inventory management enables business owners to make educated and targeted decisions.

Overall, Quetzal POS nails the basic requirements of the clothing, apparel, and shoe retail industry.  The software will be constantly evolving, and there are plans to integrate social media marketing features, as well as integrated accounting functionality, and integration to an ecommerce platform to provide multiple sales channel management in their space.  To Learn More about Quetzal click here.