Not All Solutions Are Created Equal
August 11, 2016

Let’s say you were at a Major League Baseball Game and you stopped by the pro shop inside the ballpark. While inside, you spotted a jersey that you just had to have.  It was $225 and the tag said “one size fits all”.  Read More

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The Evolution of the Cash Register... "The Bell Heard Around The World"
August 09, 2016

The Evolution of the Cash Register...   The year was 1879, commerce was booming and many of the famous stores we know today were in their infancy.  For James Ritty, business was also taking off at his saloon. As his business grew more popular, so did his profits, at least he assumed.  He soon realized that his employees were helping themselves to his daily earnings.  Knowing that he had to do something to fix this issue he set out to find a solution.  Read More

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Payments, the Lifeblood of your Business.
December 23, 2015

You’ve created a business, hopefully doing something that you are passionate about.  Regardless of the industry, accepting payments is a non-negotiable for you.  In Ritty’s day payments were much simpler, coins and perhaps the occasional barter in exchange for goods and services.  Today’s consumers are armed with Cash, Credit Cards, Checks, PayPal, Gift and Loyalty Cards, and even Pay with Phone Solutions all as methods of payments.  The big question remains for a business owner: Which payment methods will provide the most value to you and your business?  Cash is easy, it’s free to accept and is in your hand at the point of sale. Read More

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Clover Mobile POS Review - Versatility Defined
November 10, 2015

Clover POS is a new suite of purpose built Point of Sale Products that offer features, functionality, and scalability currently unmatched by other tablet POS solutions.  The product suite consists of Clover POS Station, Clover Mobile, and Clover Mini.  Each product offers unique features and can be used as a standalone device, or can be used together to maximize efficiency.  This review will focus on the many features and benefits of Clover Mobile.Read More

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Clover Mini Review – POS or Credit Card Terminal – You Decide
November 05, 2015

Clover Mini is not just functional, it is a beautiful looking device.  It boasts a 7” touchscreen, an integrated receipt printer, Wifi, Ethernet, and 3G connectivity options.  There are 4 USB ports providing the option to utilize a barcode scanner, cash drawer, and other peripherals.  With access to the constantly expanding Clover POS App Market, you will always have access to the most advanced payment processing and business management technologies on the market.Read More

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Upgrading to EMV
September 19, 2015

At this point in time, every business owner knows about the requirement to upgrade their credit card processing systems to be able to accept the new eMV Chip Cards.  The problem with the new eMV requirements is most business owners have no idea how to upgrade their systems, or they are using a point of sale system that is not able to be upgraded due to software or hardware limitations.  Unfortunately, it seems that some of the legacy point of sale systems are the ones that are the farthest behind in offering their clients an eMV Solution.  The even more unfortunate issue with this is that these systems were some of the most expensive systems being offered to businesses.  A business owner who purchased a system for $6,000 or more per station is now stuck with a very expensive point of sale system that cannot protect against fraud liability on credit card transactions after October 1st.Read More

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