Where Form Meets Function.


Beauty meets brains. Clover POS is a performance-oriented solution that you don’t have to hide.


Your Clover POS comes installed with lots of essential tools. Customize further with an array of applications.


You’re a real merchant, so we give you a real merchant account.


Dedicated hardware that performs as good as it looks.  Whether you’re looking for a countertop unit or a mobile POS, Clover has integrated solutions designed specifically for point of sale. After all, it’s not enough for your device to look good – it needs to stand up to thousands of transactions, safely and securely.

Clover POS Mobile

Completely Wireless.


Accepts both EMV and Magnetic Stripe Cards.

The power of Clover in the palm of your hand.

Clover POS Mobile is an ideal solution for:

  • Quick Serve Restaurants
  • Food Trucks
  • Pay at the table
  • Line Busting
  • Mobile Service Providers
  • Events and Fesitvals
Clover POS Station Overview

Clover tablet with stand.  Swivels for customer facing checkout.


Thermal Receipt Printer.

A beautiful counter top Point of Sale Solution.

Clover POS Station is an ideal solution for:

  • Retail Stores of all types
  • Full Service Restaurants
  • Quick Service Restaurants
  • Hair Salons
  • Clothing Stores
  • and much more.
Clover POS Mini Overview

Replace your old credit card terminal.


Accept ApplePay, EMV and NFC transactions.

The future of credit card terminals is here.

Clover POS Mini can:

  • Replace your old credit card machine
  • Accept EMV & ApplePay
  • Read Barcodes
  • Print Receipts
  • Work alongside Clover Station
  • Manage Tips & Pre-auths


Your Clover POS comes installed with lots of essential tools. Customize further with an array of applications.

  • Accept credit and debit cards (includes support for EMV and Apple Pay)
  • Ring up orders
  • Create items and manage inventory
  • Manage customer data
  • Manage tips, tabs, and authorizations
  • Personalize your Clover with the Clover App Market


All Clover POS payments are processed through First Data, the world’s largest credit card processor.

Send us a copy of your recent statement and we will provide a Free Rate Analysis, it’s yours do what you want with it.

We will save you money, we guarantee it! Get Started Today, you have nothing to lose and money to be saved.

  • All Payment Types

    Let your customers decide the way they want to pay. Accept a variety of payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, ACH, eChecks, JCB, PIN-less debit and more. More payment method flexibility means the potential for more sales.

  • 24/7 Support

    We know how important payment acceptance is to your business. While we add as much transparency and clarity to our statements as possible, we’re here, day and night, ready to take your call.

  • Online Account Access

    Manage and review transactions, configure account settings, view account statements, download reports, and more through a password-protected website: the Merchant Interface.

  • Secure Customer Data Management

    Use Customer Information Manager (CIM) to tokenize and store your customers’ sensitive payment information on our secure servers, simplifying your PCI DSS compliance as well as the payments process for recurring transactions.


The Clover POS software platform started out as a One-Click Mobile Payments Platform.  Essentially, a platform that would become the fastest, simplest and most secure payment network for mobile and tablet devices.  The Clover team did such a great job at delivering on this goal that recently turned public payments giant First Data took note.  They were so impressed with the technology that they acquired Clover.  Keeping most of the team intact, coupled with the industry knowledge that First Data had garnered from many decades of being a payments giant, together they brought to market the revolutionary Clover POS solution.

Today, Clover POS  is one of the fastest growing Point of Sale solutions on the market.  Primarily because they have done an incredible job at creating the best looking POS hardware on the market.  By utilizing proprietary tablets, running Android, they are able to offer payments security that is completely unmatched by any other POS on the market.  Since Clover’s roots were as a Mobile Payments Platform, the software was built from day one with 3rd party integration in mind.   Through the use of Clover’s API library, developers are able to add tremendous functionality to the Clover user experience through the use of Clover’s App Market.

Since Clover is a First Data product, you must use First Data processing, (this is how they ensure that every transaction is secure), however you still have a tremendous amount of freedom in choosing your provider.  First Data’s sales channel is made up of thousands of independent sales organizations (including Restaurant Depot, Sams Club, Bank of America etc.), these companies are ultimately just that, a sales team reselling First Data products and solutions.  Your experience with Clover relies heavily on the company that you purchase the equipment from, once you purchase Clover you are married to that reseller for as long as you use your Clover system.  Would you purchase a car from the same place that you purchase your groceries or would you rather purchase it from a company that is in the business of selling cars?  Our thoughts exactly!  As our name implies, POS Superstore is in the Point of Sale business and we offer only the best POS Solutions on the market.  You won’t find any groceries or used cars here!

Clover POS Worry Free Placement

Worry Free Placement Program

Get a Complete Clover POS System with NO upfront costs. NO lease or purchase commitments. NO long-term contract.  Mix and Match Station, Mini, and Mobile everything your business needs for one monthly fee.  All products are warrantied for life!  Now that’s worry free!

With innovative equipment, intuitive software and reliable support, our Clover POS Placement Program empowers businesses by bundling the leading POS solutions with:

TransArmor® E2E Encryption
Support for Debit, EMV & Apple Pay
Lifetime Warranty
ZERO Cloud Fees
Support for inventory and eGiftSolutions
$100k/$500k Breach Coverage & IP Scanning
Reprogrammable Clover Station
FREE, integrated gift card program
A complete collection of integrated products available for ZERO upfront investment

What others say about Clover POS

Kathy Sath

“I was skeptical that a POS solution that looked this good would actually be able to perform to my standards. Boy was I wrong! Not only does it perform well under pressure but it looks fabulous on the counter! You wouldn’t believe how many compliments I have received on my POS. Who would’ve thought? 5 stars!”

Kathy SathGood Times Cafe
Luciano Franchi

“Clover allows us to get on with our business and not worry about needless paperwork and stock control . . . things that are important, but it’s always better if a piece of technology is doing it for you.”

Luciano FranchiCaffè Vergnano 1882
John Pimm

“Coffee is a fresh ingredient; it has a very short shelf-life and obviously the food has a very short shelf-life. So the better that we can control what we buy, obviously the more profit we make at the end because there’s less wastage and there’s less being thrown away. Clover has certainly helped with that.”

John PimmBaker Street Coffee House
Ann Stringer

“Trying to keep track of inventory is a nightmare. With the Clover station I’ve got complete control. Even if I sell something on the website or on Amazon, I can put them through the Clover station and it will take it off the inventory, which is fantastic.”

Ann StringerPlaytime Toys and Games
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